About Ronnie Heng

Ronnie Heng is a Sydney based photographer whose work focuses on all subjects underwater and above.

Since childhood, Ronnie has always being fascinated with aquatic life and the big blue sea of ours. Having learnt how to swim at young age, being underwater is second nature to Ronnie.

Picking up a Scuba diving licence would only make sense to quench Ronnie's thirst for the wonders of our deep blue sea.

Ronnie developed his passion for photography through the lens of a compact camera gifted from his father at high school. The years of scuba diving evoked the passion to pursue his photography into the depths of our seas.

Diving has taken Ronnie from East coast of Australia to Sumatra, Sulawesi, Alor, West Papua, Micronesia to name a few and many more pristine waters of our world.

Ronnie had his first solo exhibition in Sydney June 2015, the show ran for two weeks and attracted vast amount of interest from divers to non-divers.

There are numerous trips planned till 20168, so keep in touch and stay tuned!

For more information on Ronnie's work, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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